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Preparing for a honeymoon in Bali

Published on 26/02/2014 by Alexis ShantiTravel
Honeymoon resort in Bali

Honeymoon resort in Bali

The happiest day of your life approaches and excitement is at its peak. The reception, family, friends, the church, temple, mosque, catering, etc.! Your spouse has never been as beautiful and life cannot be more exciting. Yet you already feel exhausted at the thought of having to deal with this tornado that will transport you to the union of marriage. You have already started dreaming of your honeymoon. This trip to the other side of the world will officially consummate your love and kick start the journey of your marital life. Continue reading

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Published on 23/12/2013 by Clémentine ShantiTravel
Orangutans of Borneo

Orangutans of Borneo

Indonesia is an archipelago comprising an estimated 17,000 islands. With such a vast number of small islands scattered over an area of 5,000 kilometers, Indonesia is bestowed with a diverse variety of unusual animals and exotic trees, plants and flowers. On a wildlife safari, tourists can spot tigers, elephants, monkeys and many other lesser known animals as well. Certain species are endemic to Indonesia and you will be able to encounter some of them during a sojourn across the islands. Read about some of the unique fauna and flora of Indonesia Continue reading

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Published on 12/12/2013 by Clémentine ShantiTravel
An elusive beach in Bali

An elusive beach in Bali

The winter has arrived, accompanied with a drop in temperatures, wind and snow. So nothing like a little preview of the most beautiful beaches of Bali to warm you up! White sand or black sand, green or turquoise waters… Bali has a variety of beaches, and there is always something for everyone! Continue reading

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Published on 28/11/2013 by Alexis ShantiTravel
Fruit Market in Bali

Fruit Market in Bali

Planning a trip to Indonesia? While it’s easy to book a villa or high end hotel online for a holiday in Bali, it is a bit more difficult to organize a tour of the several exotic islands that make up the archipelago of Indonesia. That is where a domestic travel agency comes to the rescue! Continue reading

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Starting the new journey of life in South East Asia

Published on 15/05/2013 by Kundan Shantitravel

Indonesia_Bali_Pura Besakih templeHoneymoon Destinations in South East Asia

The refreshing destinations of South East Asia are becoming increasingly popular with newlyweds who seek fresh and unique honeymoon experiences. Regular travelers come down to Southeast Asia because all of its countries have a unique and an intriguing blend of mesmerizing historic temples, beautiful virgin beaches, and cultures that are full of life and color. Malaysia, Thailand and Bali are mainly exotic honeymoon dream spots because of their culturally rich tourist attractions, their stunning beaches and scenery, the exciting adventures and friendly people. You can find a variety of choices on offer. Each of these exotic countries offer newlywed couples choices of bustling city activities, peacefully picturesque rural areas and secluded tropical beaches; there can’t be any better way to start your life together. Continue reading

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On the road to Ubud and Seminyak

Published on 08/05/2013 by Jeremy Shanti Travel

Rice Fields in BaliAlthough the time on the road between Ubud and Seminyak is barely one and a half hours, it is an incredible journey to rediscover the color green, its nuances, and the beauty of chlorophyll. Rice terraces offered the sense of peace that we had come looking for. The serenity of green in the surrounding water is a feeling that I will cherish for a very long time. During the trip with an infant to Bali, we stopped to show him the rice fields and very often, the friendly people would just come up to us and have some fun. On the road, we could see hundreds of workshops and factories, producing artefacts, furniture and other objects that have filled the best houses in the world. The beauty of these objects made us want to buy a collectible as a memorabilia of Bali! Continue reading

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